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Shift-Maker of the Month

How Sarah shifted into the love of a lifetime

We are excited to introduce you to Sarah Seidelmann. We think you’ll see a like-minded ally in Sarah — someone who’s called to create a better world.

We're highlighting Sarah and her shift that inspires us—with a special message from Stephen Dinan

A shamanic mentor, author, and coach, Sarah is committed to showing up as her best, most authentic Self. Knowing that her growth AND the healing of the world are intertwined, she’s sparked a renewed sense of love that’s grounded in mindfulness and playfulness. Her secret to creating positive shifts? “It’s a practice, and the more we keep being willing to show up, the deeper and wider our wisdom can be.”

That’s why we’re so grateful for Sarah — and for you. The more we each uplift the quality of our own broadcast, the more we become a source of inspiration, healing, and growth for others — and truly change the world.

Message from Stephen Dinan

quote from Stephen

healing resources for women

At Shift, we are committed to helping create a world that truly works for ALL. Yet recent research indicates that the pandemic has taken an especially heavy toll on women. Sadly, many women are burning out as well as facing unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression. So we’ve put together a number of healing resources from our archives that we are happy to offer at no cost—including healing practices from some of our most beloved Shift faculty. Please feel free to share them with anyone who might benefit.

Explore free healing resources here.

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Let’s help replant ONE MILLION trees alongside TreeSisters—whose mission is to rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation by inspiring and channeling women’s Nature Based Feminine Leadership into global action.

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Join Us for the EcoChallenge

take action - you could win prizes

The Earth Month EcoChallenge gathers thousands of committed individuals and groups from around the globe to promote environmental actions and social engagement—and we would love for you to join us on Team Shift.

The EcoChallenge offers suggestions for hundreds of simple, tangible actions you can take to help honor the Earth

You’ll discover great ideas and actions to reduce waste, promote equity, make a positive impact on the environment & our climate, develop or maintain sustainable habits, and more!

Join Team Shift and choose simple actions based on your values all while earning points in a fun and friendly contest!
In addition to being a great way to make a difference, you can also earn points toward valuable Shift Network prizes—including:

  • #1 point-earner wins a free 5- or 7-week Shift Network course
  • Top 5 point-earners win access to a Shift Summit Upgrade Package in addition to Premium Access to the Shift App for 6 months!
  • Top 10 point-earners on Team Shift win Premium Access to the Shift App for 6 months! 
  • We’ll also be giving away weekly prizes to our most-engaged participants!

Learn more and join Team Shift NOW to participate in the EcoChallenge!


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