The Three Suns: The Path of Kundalini Awakening


Imagine the infinite power of the sun flowing up your spine to your crown chakra…

… where it shines a thousand times brighter as you merge the drop of your spirit with the vast ocean of the universal Spirit.

This is how the ancient mystics of India described the experience of Kundalini energy rising upwards through the body’s three suns — which correspond to the seven chakra centers.

In this 9-minute video, watch as spiritual teacher Raja Choudhury explains this step-by-step journey of Kundalini energy as it moves through your “inner suns” to reach ultimate destination of awakening — a place where you can gain access to infinite intelligence, wellness, possibilities, and manifestations.

Don’t miss these highlights that Raja covers in this energizing “mini-workshop”:

  • (0:19) — The ancient significance of the sun as a representation of the divine and how it can awaken within you an inner intelligence or “inner sun”
  • (1:13) — The Bhagavad Gita's definition of the supreme reality of consciousness — which can be accessed through Kundalini Awakening — described as seeing 1000 suns exploding in the sky
  • (2:32) — How energy must move between the three inner suns in your body in order for you to access higher regions of spirituality and mystical adventures
  • (6:40) — The ultimate destination in awakening your kundalini, the fourth sun, in which you open to a fourth dimension of supreme bliss 
  • (7:50) — How the three inner suns correlate with three scientifically known parts of the brain

Watch and enjoy Raja’s riveting lesson about the brilliant journey of Kundalini awakening — a path to becoming a beautiful beacon of light that radiates out to all of humanity. 

Have you already tried to awaken your Kundalini energy? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from you!

Did you enjoy the insights and video shared above? You're invited to join Raja Choudhury for a free virtual video event, 7 Keys to Awakening Your Kundalini: How to Safely Liberate the Blissful Divine Power Within.



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