Flute As a Tool for Transformation With Christine Stevens

Sound Healing

The way we interact with different musical instruments can serve as symbolic bridges toward desired states and perspectives.

While drumming can connect and align us with the original heartbeat of life, the flute can provide a kind of release from that material identification…

… and allow us to align with the deep inner peace that comes with knowing we are part of a much greater creation that knows and feels only beauty, compassion, and love.

In many ways, each of us is like a sacred flute… for a certain amount of time, the wind of spirit inhabits a form of matter — and the song that is your life is expressed into the world.

In the above video, author and music therapist Christine Stevens explains how she thinks of the flute as a transmitting tool…

... directing energy so the alchemy of your breath becomes notes and then music, impacting the listener with a transcendent experience of an aesthetic arrest — what many simply describe as a sublimely beautiful moment.

Don’t miss these highlights in this inspiring and informative video with Christine:

  • (0:00) — How does sound affect your transformation?
  • (0:35) — The flute is a tool to change your frequency, lift your vibration, and release emotions
  • (0:54) — How playing the flute can quickly change your breathing and relax you
  • (1:05) — Archaeological evidence shows we all come from people who played the flute... it is everyone's ancestral lineage

Think about what it means to experience sound without words…

It’s an invitation to access a different aspect of receiving vibration and intention that is not bound to the relatively slow process of the human brain, but instead allows you to be swept up into the highest vibration of the Divine Mind.

Christine has so much love and enlightenment to share in this video — I hope you‘ll take a minute to watch and enjoy.

Want to learn more? Register for a complimentary on-demand event with Christine by clicking here!


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