Experience Flute as Medicine for Your Heart

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Did you know that you can interrupt challenging emotional patterns in about two minutes?

All it takes is the ability to be present enough to track and clearly identify the moment when you’re going down that path…

Then call a “time out” from whatever you’re doing — and play the flute.

Author and music therapist Christine Stevens inspires people all over the world with her message that music promotes holistic health, spirituality, and wellness.

She’s played her flute for healing in war zones and disaster areas, for battered women and witnesses of genocide, for survivors of fires and hurricanes.

In the above video, Christine will prove to you how quickly you can ease and calm agitated or tense feelings…

… deep within the nurturing, wise, and healing nature of your own musical heart.

Don’t miss these highlights in this beautiful and emotionally supportive video:

  • (00:11) — Be introduced to a practice of connecting your intentions to sound
  • (00:25) — Discover how to position your flute over your heart in order to transmit your intentions into it
  • (00:52) — Experience a lovely and graceful flute meditation that will relax, uplift, and inspire you

And remember, it’s not possible to play a “wrong note” on the flute — allowing you to transcend the clunky “thinking” mode of your ordinary state and simply bathe in the primordial healing vibrations of sacred sound medicine.

Want to learn more? Register for a complimentary on-demand event with Christine by clicking here!



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