How Trauma Gets Trapped in The Body


Trauma happens when our system becomes overwhelmed. And if we can’t adequately process and clear the traumatic experiences, our life can slowly become unmanageable...

When left unresolved, trauma physically takes up residence in our body, directly impacts our breath, and expresses itself in our everyday life.

According to Giten Tonkov, founder of the BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System®, trauma can manifest as tension almost anywhere in the body, and can impact almost anyone

A traumatic event can be as simple as being startled by an aggressively barking dog, or as complex as suddenly losing a loved one.

Trauma can also result from  the cumulative effect of long-term but perhaps less obvious stressors, like interpersonal difficulties, dreams that have fallen by the wayside, or generalized anxiety…

With BioDynamic Breathwork’s deep connected breathing, along with conscious touch, movement, emotional release, and meditation, you can let go of your trauma, reconnect with your authentic being — and feel joy and peace once again.

In the above video, Giten explains exactly how feelings of tension can become trapped in the body.

Don’t miss these insightful highlights:

  • (0:06) — Why breath and feeling are so closely connected
  • (0:10) — What most people instinctively do when they don’t want to continue experiencing a feeling
  • (0:36) — Exactly how tension begins building in the body
  • (01:04) — What happens when your fight-or-flight response gets interrupted

Giten has many eye-opening insights to share — be sure to take a few minutes to watch!


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