Understanding an Empath’s Deep-Rooted Attraction to Narcissists


There’s a longstanding toxic attraction between empaths and narcissists, according to psychiatrist, empath, and intuitive healer Dr. Judith Orloff

Why is this? Perhaps it’s a classic but unfortunate case of opposites attract — one that's bound to spiral into very unhealthy relationships.

According to Judith, narcissists have what's called empathy-deficit disorder — meaning they’re just not able to offer empathy or unconditional love in relationships. Empaths, of course, are on the other end of the spectrum. 

So how exactly are these opposites drawn to each other, and how does this unhealthy relationship dynamic play out? 

Dr. Orloff walks you through it in the 3-minute video above. Be sure to listen in for these video highlights:

  • (0:17) — Why narcissists are unable to truly give unconditional love to an empath (or anyone) 
  • (0:42) — What draws empaths to narcissists in the first place
  • (1:04) — How conflict arises between empaths and narcissists — and how an empath’s instincts can feed into the narcissist’s pathology
  • (2:16) — How dealing with parental wounds can help empaths, particularly if they have a narcissistic parent

It is critical for empaths to learn how to protect themselves from toxic relationship dynamics and to learn how to turn their special intuitive powers inward — so they can attend to their own physical and emotional wellbeing first.

In her free online event, Dr. Jufith Orloff’s Keys to Being a Healthy Empath: Practices for Protection, Surrender & Listening to Your Intuition During Stressful Times, Dr. Orloff covers ways for empaths to stand in their own power and use their special intuitive gifts without losing themselves to those around them.

To be a healer — for yourself and others — you need to feel your own strength. Judith can show you how to find this inner power consistently... through practices you can access quickly and easily.

To learn more with Judith, use the link below.



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