Racial Healing

Watch 2 Workshop virtual event on Saturday, March 26, 11:00am–1:00pm Pacific

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Called to action by the epidemic of school gun violence, teen activists from the very communities most often impacted — but least often addressed — formed March for Our Lives, an initiative to stand up to the gun lobby and demand change from legislators.

Us Kids, a powerful documentary about the young leaders who helped create this youth protest, won second place at the Shift Your World Film Festival this year.

I had the honor of personally moderating a panel with two of those leaders — Samantha (“Sam”) Fuentes from Parkland, FL, and Alex King from Chicago, IL.

Our conversation concentrated on how trauma can lead to leadership and how cross-racial collaboration results in the amplification of consciousness — I found the experience dynamic, transparent, and deeply moving.

In response, I felt guided to take action, too. I conceived of and called forth an organizational partnership between Shift’s Transform Racism project and the extensive resources and seasoned facilitation at Living Room Conversations to deliver the first-ever Watch 2 Workshop — workshops to facilitate social action that is inspired and sparked by films.

This first Watch 2 Workshop will shine a light on what the young people from Us Kids modeled so beautifully — cross-racial partnering. They showed us how working across race and culture is a cornerstone to success in efforts to stop senseless violence, uproot racism, and create a just and sustainable world that works for everyone.

Our March 26th Watch 2 Workshop promises to deliver foundational tools for the practical application of the Us Kids message, so that we, too, can take collective and effective action and truly master working together. This inaugural program will be anchored by clips from the film and include facilitated breakoutsinsight-focused debriefs, and a concise Q&A!

This first Watch 2 Workshop will focus on cultivating actual skills and collectively choosing to grow the mindset and emotional intelligence that equips us to get better at and successfully carry out Cross-Racial Partnering. 

This is only the start of Shift’s plans to use media and filmed content to inspire and teach — stay tuned for more creative events like this.

Our first programmatic focus is on building trust across racial and cultural difference and stepping consciously on a path towards all of us being the change we wish to see in our world. No one needs to tell us how much this is needed.

Something big is coming together!

YOU are invited to join us!

Watch 2 Workshop
Saturday, March 26, 2022
11:00am–1:00pm Pacific

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