The Holidays, Racial Healing... & Our Gift to You of a Family Conversation Toolkit

Racial Healing

The Holidays, Racial Healing... & Our Gift to You of a Family Conversation Toolkit

From Rev. Dr. Aliah MaJon:

Family... This beautiful word has likely grown in its importance for you since the experiences of the pandemic. I know that for me during the times of COVID lockdowns, my family literally became my whole world. I would imagine that this was true for many of you reading this as well. For this issue, I’d like to take the importance of our families even further by pointing out that the people in our families can be powerful partners for engaging in racial healing work.

At this time of year, as we all come together with “love” in our hearts and goodwill in our minds, we can engage with our family and close friends in an intentional exploration related to healing the racial divide. Of course, I am smiling because I realize that a suggestion like this is a bit of a departure from our customary holiday activities, and maybe even a big ask. Which is why we have created an actual Family Conversation Toolkit to assist you and your loved ones to carry this out within a prescribed context and with key tools and an abundance of guiding questions. In other words, we thought it through for you so that you can just follow along.

The Family Conversation Toolkit was developed by myself and three of my colleagues who collaborated with me as Brain Trust members for The R.A.C.E. Project. Each of us took a section of the Toolkit to capture what we have learned as longtime professionals in the field. Meaning that each one of us as facilitators provides a different perspective, but the four offerings fit together to form a whole that is full of insights, suggestions, and easy-to-follow tools. We hope that the Toolkit serves you now and in the future. Please consider using it throughout the year.

By the way, you will be meeting the Brain Trust members shortly — just open the link to find us inside! We hope you enjoy exploring the gift of this Toolkit, and Happy Holidays to you and yours...

Guest Contributors (Left to Right): Rev. Aliah MaJon, Ph.D., Simma Lieberman, Michael Alexander, Dr. Jeannie Kim.

Family Conversation Toolkit: To Bring About Genuine Racial Healing Using Tips From 4 Seasoned Facilitators & the Power of Their Questions

Download the Family Conversation Toolkit here.
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Electronic Version of the Family Conversation Toolkit can be viewed here from your tablet, phone, or laptop. Click here to view the electronic version.



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