A Playlist for Cultivating Future-Building Children

Racial Healing

A Playlist for Cultivating Future-Building Children

A note from Rev. Dr. Aliah MaJon:

This edition’s focus will be on children — which is to acknowledge that far beyond being cliché... children REALLY ARE our future!

Imagine this... what if every child now alive — or to be born — is seen as a contributor to the ideal that people talk so much about:

A world that works for everyone.

Each child in our lives is an opportunity for us to invest in their development and well-being — a realization that caused me to ask myself while in shutdown during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic...

What are some of the elements “education” should contain to give a young person a solid foundation to becoming a leader, evolutionary, and significant contributor to this world that needs so much from each of us right now?

My initial answer was these five main categories:

  1. Relationships = Connection to others
  2. Nature = Environmental health and regenerative practices
  3. Medicine = Healing and supporting health
  4. Government = Societal leadership
  5. Business = Money matters and entrepreneurship

I have selected several videos that correspond to these five categories that I personally feel are a fine way to educate our children — in fact, I share them with my own family.

Enjoy, because these videos are inspirational and helpful for us adults too — and please be sure to share them with many others!

Click here to watch these educational, informational, and inspirational videos.



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