Liberating Race — Policing Race with Lora King and Chief Mike Alexander



Policing in America has historical roots in the nation's origins of slavery, capitalism and colonialism. This episode explores that history and policing's present day problematic relationship to race. We offer an open, nuanced conversation about police reform and the things that cannot be ignored if we want to get better together. Special Guests include Lora King, the daughter of Rodney King, followed by Police Chief Mike Alexander. This podcast will explain the history of policing in America (01:35), a reading from ”Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop” from (03:28), an interview with Lora King (07:31), selected readings from “Warriors to Guardians” from the Washington Post (21:47 and 40:54), an eye-opening discussion on police reform with Chief Mike Alexander (26:00), and a discussion on the cultural context of outcries to defund the police (41:43).

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